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8" round cake


Serves 10 plus $32 add 10% for filling

10" round cake


Serves 20 plus $41 add 10% for filling

1/4 sheet cake


Serves 40 plus $59 add 10% for filling

1/2 sheet cake


Serves 70 plus $72 add 10% for filling

Full sheet cake


Serves 96 plus $124 add 10% for filling

Cake flavors are: yellow, chocolate, pink champagne, carrot, pumpkin, spice, lemon, tuxedo(alternating layers of yellow and chocolate), red velvet, pink velvet, marble

Cake fillings available: fresh raspberry buttercream, cream cheese, lemon curd, ganache, ganache and raspberry bakery jam, fresh fruit(kiwi, strawberries, black berries, raspberries), fresh strawberries, peanut butter buttercream with peanut butter cups, chocolate buttercream, chocolate mousse and pina colada.


Plain Iced


Plain Iced


1 dozen

Decorated Cupcakes


1 pack

Decorated Cupcakes


6 pack

Decorated Cupcakes


12 pack

Customization available. Call for customization


1 Dozen Cookies


Includes chocolate chip, peanut butter, snickerdoodle, oatmeal, white chocolate craisin, Hazel's brooches, sugar with sprinkles, raspberry pinwheels.

Giant 6" Cookies


Chocolate chip, peanut butter, snicker doodle, oatmeal, white chocolate craisin

Customized Sugar Cookie


Each unit


Fruit Pies (each)


Available fruits: Apple, dutch apple, peach, blueberry, cherry, strawberry.

Cream Pies


French silk, peanut butter, pumpkin, pecan, banana cream, lemon cream, lemon meringue.


Carrot Cake Slices


Pumpkin Cake Slices


Apple Slices


Bread Pudding (with nutmeg rum sauce)


Cheese Cake Slices (with topping)


Whole Cheese Cake (with topping)


Whole Cheese Cake with topping (12''-16")


Cinnamon Rolls Girl Large


Cinnamon Rolls Boy Large (with nuts)



White Loaf


Seven Grain Loaf


Rye Loaf


English Muffins (per each)


Buttermilk Biscuits (per each)


Dinner Rolls (per dozen)


48 hour advance notice necessary


Tart & Truffles Miniature Desserts (each)


A minimum of 24 pieces per order.
Available: Fresh fruit tartlet, lemon curd tartlet, raspberry Chambord tartlet, pecan tartlet, pumpkin tartlet, chocolate mousse tartlet, mini apple pie, mini éclair, profiteroles, banana tartlet, key tartlet, mini cheesecakes (cherry, turtle, plain), decadent brownie, mini carrot cupcake, mini yellow cupcake with fresh raspberry buttercream, mini chocolate cupcake with peanut butter butter cream and peanut butter cups.


Hazel's Chocolate 1 Pound or More


English toffee, pecan tortugas, caramels


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